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Davos 2020

World Economic Forum + YouTube
World Economic Forum + YouTube

Little Dot Studios were commissioned by the World Economic Forum to produce a series of original films that would build awareness of the 2020 Davos summit and broaden their audience reach across all social channels. Our brief was to create inspiring content that appealed to a younger-skewing digital audience, whilst also helping shift the perception that Davos is an exclusive event, solely for the wealthy and powerful, to one that is inclusive and instigating real positive change in our world.

World Economic Forum - Davos Screenshot
World Economic Forum - Davos Screenshot

Our Response

In order to document the event we created 4 live-action summary films, as well as 4 animated explainer films that would set up and frame exactly what Davos is about, why it is important and how it is relevant to the lives of those watching. 

Engaging a new and untapped audience required us to create a brand new visual identity for the WEF that would appeal to the target demographic, whilst still being recognisably on-brand. We created an original stockpile animation and GFX package that combined an array of the best repurposed WEF archive.

This made the films look fresh, bright and visually appealing whilst delivering concise information via voiceover using one of our young and enthusiastic voice-over artists that allowed the films to easily connect with a young audience. 

As well as reaching and engaging new audiences on YouTube, the WEF liked the films so much they used one of our films in the opening of the Davos event!

World Economic Forum Davos Screenshot
World Economic Forum Screenshot

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