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We were commissioned by ‘I Weigh Community’ - a social rights organisation founded by actress, model, presenter and activist Jameela Jamil - to produce a series of films that appealed to their mission to help connect, empower and amplify diverse voices in an accessible way; helping to mobilise activism that effects ‘radical inclusivity’.

I Weigh wanted to produce a series of films that explained key terms to its audience in order to encourage a better understanding of the community and its mission.


We produced ‘I Glossary’ - a series of glossary-style explainer films, where each episode breaks down some of the key terms related to a particular social issue or identity signifier. This included sexuality, gender, mental health and abuse.  Whilst tackling some bigger issues the films were also highly playful and fun. 

This allowed some of the more serious nature of the content to be more accessible and wide-appealing. Each film was presented by a different charismatic creator / activist from the I Weigh community, addressing a theme of personal relevance, which allowed them to deliver the information with passion and authority. 

I WEIGH Images

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