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George Northwood

George Northwood + Youtube
George Northwood + Youtube

Following the success of Alexa’s channel, we were approached by YouTube to create 6 months worth of original content and strategy for celebrity hair stylist George Northwood, stylist to Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow & Alexa Chung.

Taking inspiration from the most successful hair and beauty content on YouTube (as informed by our own YouTube metadata insights) we developed a slate of entertaining formats consisting of hub (mid-form) and help (how-to/ tutorials) content that could be produced affordably and in high volume. The goal was to reach existing YouTube audiences whilst still having an identity unique to George.

With lockdown hitting right before we were due to go into live production, we reactively adapted formats to make them remote-production friendly and lockdown-relevant. The outcome so far has included a Q&A with Vogue fashion editor Carolyn Asome, and a series of self-grooming how-to tutorials showing audiences how to cut their hair in lockdown. This included ‘virtual haircut’ films with Claudia Winkleman and Alexa Chung where George directed them via video call as they cut their own hair.

As George was starting from scratch we also used media buy to serve content to more relevant viewers - training YouTubes algorithm to favour the content through browse and ‘suggested video’ - attracting the most organic new viewership and repeat viewing. As a result of a small investment this meant a shift from 1% to 20% audiences being attracted as a result of the channel appearing through ‘suggested videos’.

Beyond helping audiences stay fresh and feel good during a difficult time, the films have proven highly popular, with nearly 200K organic views on George’s ‘short back and sides’ tutorial and 210K views on his virtual haircut with Alexa. Because of these tutorials the channel has also featured in the Daily Mail.

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