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Little Dot Studios

Realising potential in every story

We are an award-winning digital content agency and media network, specialising in creating meaningful connections between premium content and digital audiences.

Founded in April 2013 by Andy Taylor and Selma Turajlic, and born for the digital entertainment era, we are made up of over 300 digital experts across UK, LA and Germany. We work with the world’s most recognised TV, sports and consumer brands, creating content for more than 500 social channels globally and delivering 6 billion views per month.

We also run our own digital broadcast network of more than thirty channels across social platforms and OTT video on-demand services; licensing over 15,000 hours of hand-picked long-form content and watched by over 400 million viewers in 2020.

We exist to realise potential in premium content, audiences untapped, revenue undiscovered, innovative creative ideas, emerging industry talent, new digital platforms and our team of digital experts. 

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