Gender Pay Gap Reporting


Intro to Little Dot Studios

This is the first year that we have officially reported on our gender pay gap. Little Dot Studios is committed to equal pay and closing our gender pay gap.

  • We have set out our DEI vision statement in 2021 to create a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone is valued and has a voice, and we are committed to:
    - Equal gender balance across all of Little Dot Studios, including most of senior staff, by the end of 2024
    - Reducing and removing any gender pay gap across the business.
  • In April 2021 the mean gender pay gap in hourly pay was 9.8% which is significantly lower than the national average of 15.4%
  • Our median pay gap was 11.1% which is only slightly higher than the national median of 10.2%.
  • In April 2021 we had 295 staff, made up of 41% of women and 59% men. Women make up 38% of senior positions. Whilst we are proud of our gender balance in the lower and mid quartiles, we recognise we have more work to do increase female representation in the upper quartiles.
  • We think it’s important to clarify the difference between gender pay gap, which is the difference between average earnings of men and women across a company’s workforce, and equal pay, which is the right for men and women to receive equal pay for work of equal value.
  • At Little Dot Studios we pay men and women equally in the same or similar roles.

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap Report

April 2021 Mean Median
Difference between men and women's hourly pay 9.8% 11.1%
Difference between men and women's bonus payments 49.4% 0%


Factors that have impacted our gender pay gap are as follows:

  • Little Dot Studios grew significantly over 2020 and 2021, and has been successful in filling junior and middle management roles. In these areas, Little Dot Studios has a negligible pay gap between males and females.
  • We are confident our DEI initiatives will reduce the gap significantly in periods to come (and already has significantly at the time of publication).
  • Proportion of male relevant employee with bonus pay is 63.2%
  • Proportion of female relevant employees with bonus pay is 62.6%

    The mean variance in our mean bonus payment is due to a number of factors i) the gender imbalance in senior levels (where action has since been taken) ii) several one off bonus payments, and iii) non-bonus incentive packages applied to some staff.

    We are pleased that our median bonus gap is 0%, reflective of the equity of pay within grades referenced above.

Pay Quartiles

At the time of reporting we had a gender balance of 41% women and 59% men.

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 12.06.27


Actioning our DEI Vision

In 2021 we set out our DEI vision:

  • To create a diverse and inclusive culture, where everyone is valued and has a voice
  • To nurture every individual at Little Dot Studios, and help realise their potential
  • To be the employer of choice in our industry.
  • As part of vision, we are committed to collecting and reporting on DEI data to provide transparency, accountability and a driver for change.

Increasing Female Representation in Senior Roles

We are really pleased with our gender split in lower and middle quarters. As we grow into a medium sized business, we are committed to increasing female representation in more senior roles which will positively impact the bonus pay gap that currently exists.

In our DEI commitment statement, we pledge to aim for equal gender balance across all of Little Dot Studios, including most of senior staff, by the end of 2024.

Representation through Progression

We are firm believers and supporters of internal career development and progression and will endeavour to increase our female representation through the provision of internal development and career progression opportunities.


I confirm that our gender pay gap data has been calculated in accordance with the requirements of the

Equality Act 2010 ( Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.


Dan Jones, Chief Executive Officer - Little Dot Studios