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The Little Tiny Quiz of the Lockdown


Just days after the UK went in to covid-19 lockdown and the TV and digital industry had grinded to an abrupt halt, Little Dot Studios teamed up with Jimmy Carr’s management, Chambers Productions, to create and co-produce Jimmy Carr's "Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown", a light-hearted nightly quiz show designed to keep the nation (and Jimmy) entertained through a difficult period - which we ran daily for 5 weeks.

Each episode involved Jimmy reading out a series of questions for the public to answer at home with their families, followed by a reveal of the answers. With strict lockdown restrictions this involved installing a studio setup in Jimmy’s home and directing Jimmy to film remotely. 

As well as reaching a huge and varied digital audience, with millions of views across multiple platforms, the quiz also received a significant amount of press coverage - with Jimmy guesting on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and speaking about the quiz (remotely) , as well as being featured in publications including The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, and The Evening Express.

Jimmy Carr Lockdown Quiz Question Image
Jimmy Carr Lockdown Quiz Answer Image

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