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In addition to our original content production for the Pepsi Max Unbelievable YouTube Channel Little Dot were briefed to help explode their AR Bus shelter campaign from an OOH proposition to an internet viral.

In what became one of the most viewed and award productions of the series, commuters waiting at a bus stop on London's New Oxford Street were unaware that the bus stop glass had been replaced with an AR screen that appeared to show a clear view of the street behind.

They were understandably shocked therefore to see an approaching commuter abducted by flying saucers or a meteor crash. These reactions were captured and the accompanying film uploaded to YouTube attracted 8.5 million views and received multiple awards.

Pepsi Max: AR Bus Stop Images


2014 Cannes Lions: Bronze Outdoor Lion // 2014 Clio Silver // 2014 Kinsale Sharks: Gold Award // 2015 British Arrows: Bronze // 2015 D&AD Award: 2 x Wood Pencil Ambient & Digital Installations // 2015 OBIE Gold // 2015 Golden Award of Montreux // 2015 Creative Circle Awards: 3 Gold Awards 

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