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Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

Little Dot Studios have managed Gordon Ramsay’s channel and distribution for over five years, and as of the last 2 years this now also involves the production of original content for Ramsay in order to further develop his personal brand and promote his businesses.

Producing content for Gordon Ramsay’s channel has included videos around the opening of new Gordon Ramsay restaurants, including the launch of Gordon’s T5 Heathrow eatery, ‘Plane Food’ and his pan-asian high-end London restaurant, ‘Lucky Cat’.

For ‘Plane Food’ we take the audience on a behind the scenes tour of his new restaurant located in Heathrow Terminal 5, for a sneak peak at some of the stunning decor, personable staff and tasty dishes on offer. As a promo video this performed exceptionally well, racking up 2M views on YouTube, and Ramsay’s channel as a whole has racked up 2.5 billion views across the channel with 14 million subscribers.

Gordon Ramsay's T5 restaurant, Plane Food: A selection of dishes
Gordon Ramsay at his T5 restaurant, Plane Food.

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