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Gavi is a global organisation that aligns resources in a global effort to create greater access to the benefits of immunisation - with members including governments, the WHO, UNICEF, the World Bank, the vaccine industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We were asked to produce two high-impact and uplifting videos in English and French for Gavi’s Global Vaccine Summit in 2020, the annual global fundraiser.

This included an event opening film - to set up who Gavi is and what impact it has made in the past 20 years - and a closing thank you film - thanking everyone for their generous support and donations. These needed to be standalone pieces of content that could be distributed across the Gavi website and socials. Due to the covid-19 lockdown this would need to be produced remotely and purposed to help enable Gavi’s first ever virtual summit. 

Gavi: Global Vaccine Summit 2020 Images


We created 2 animated explainer films that would both deliver the necessary information and be in a format that is most gripping for a digital audience. We created a bespoke animation style for GAVI that was fun, colourful and still recognisably on-brand. This consisted of an original stockpile animation and GFX package that combined an array of the best repurposed Gavi archive moments with playful animation and bold text. 

Both films were underpinned by an upbeat soundtrack that complimented the visuals and helped create a feel-good vibe. This was overlaid with a concise VoiceOver narrative that was performed by one of our VoiceOver artists; delivered in a tone that conveyed warmth, enthusiasm and authority. This was scripted by us in collaboration with Gavi in order to ensure all of the relevant points were touched upon.

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