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Edinburgh TV Festival 2020

Edinburgh TV Festival
Edinburgh TV Festival

Continuing our relationship with the Edinburgh International Television Festival, we were asked to produce and live stream EDTV’s first ever digital festival.

For EDTV Festival 2020, Little Dot Studios orchestrated, post-produced, and streamed live and as-live remote panels, presentations and discussions featuring the biggest names in the international broadcast industry. This included 46 sessions across 4 days with over 100 speakers; delivered as a carefully-scheduled seamless experience.

As well as live streaming discussions, physical shoots included those with Emilia Clarke, Grayson’s Art Club, Whose Screen Is It Anyway, as well as the prestigious MacTaggart Lecture itself, this year delivered by David Olusoga, OBE - tackling the all-important question around black representation in TV; ‘does our industry have the will power with those who have, for so very long, been marginalised and silenced?’

Edinburgh TV Festival Images

We also used live polls to have a bit of fun, spark some debate and get delegates more engaged. For example, we threw ideas of voting on a favourite Audio Network playlist, and ended up streaming the winning playlists more. Similarly, there was a poll on the final day asking for the delegates’ favourite moment of the festival. We then clipped the winning moment and streamed it after the festival’s final session. 

Edinburgh TV Festival | David Olusoga OBE
Edinburgh TV Festival | Emilia Clarke

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