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Brand Partnerships

We have a network of owned premium long-form content channels that live across social video platforms including, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snap.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Long gone are the days of sponsorship being a badging exercise. Now it can give brands instant fame, create an always-on campaign, reposition values and change perception.

Little Dot Studios offer a unique proposition that is not available at across social video by anyone else – young audiences at scale with unmatched watch times and engagement.

We are also able to extend campaigns beyond sponsorship exposure through digital hyper targeting and retargeting of exposed users. This investment makes the sponsorship work harder and drives a higher measurable ROI.

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Branded Entertainment 

Little Dot Studios’ owned and operated channels provide the ideal platform for short, mid and long-form advertiser-funded entertainment.

Working with brands, we can develop a one-off or a series of commissions that will be distributed organically across our owned channels and social video touchpoints, as well as syndicated partners and a brand’s own channels. 

We work with industry-leading directors and producers to create the highest quality content and use our knowledge of social video distribution to make sure it’s seen by the right people.

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