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Channel Management

Channel Management


From Facebook to Snapchat, video is becoming the primary form of entertainment and communication across social media. In a competitive media landscape, it is important to focus content where audiences are looking for it. But one video doesn’t fit all. Different platforms require different kinds of content and customized release strategies. 

Our teams directly manage all aspects of building a YouTube channel, from in-house designers building platform-optimized channel graphics to a team of 60 editors creating clips and compilations, and a dedicated insights team helping to shape a data-backed content strategy. Managing over 2.5 billion monthly views, we have unique access to data relating to audience behavior on YouTube and how the YouTube algorithm surfaces content. 

We help attract the next generation of audiences while retaining an understanding of the importance and power of traditional broadcasting. Our aim is to help clients establish a loyal and engaged online audience, find new viewers and grow revenue opportunities. 

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