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Contributor Privacy Notice

1. Scope 

Like most businesses, we hold and process a wide range of information, some of which relates to individuals who we engage to take part in our productions. This Privacy Notice explains the type of information we process, why we are processing it and how that processing may affect you. 

The notice focuses on individuals who take part in our productions. And also covers information on those who have previously taken part in our productions.

This Privacy Notice is set out in this document (the Core Notice) and the Supplementary Information in the Annex to this document. In the Supplementary Information, we explain what we mean by “personal data”, “processing”, “sensitive personal data” and other terms used in the notice. 

2. Personal data- what we hold and why we process it

We process data for the purposes of our business including for production, broadcasting, distribution and marketing. The Supplementary Information provides more specific information on these purposes, on the type of data that may be processed and on the grounds on which we process data. See Legal grounds for processing personal data and further information on the data we process and our purposes.

3. Where the data comes from and who gets to see it

Some of the personal data that we process about you comes from you. For example, your name, age and email address. Other personal data about you is generated in the course of you taking part in the production. 

Your personal data may be seen internally by relevant people working on the production. We may also pass your data outside the organisation, for example for distribution and marketing purposes. Further information on this is provided in the Supplementary Information. See Where the data comes from and Who gets to see your data? 

4. How long do we keep personal data

We do not keep your personal data for any specific period but will not keep it for longer than is necessary for our purposes. In general, we will keep your personal data for so long as you take part in a production and for a period afterwards. See Retaining your personal data – more information in the Supplementary Information. 

5. Transfers of personal data outside the EEA

We may transfer your personal data outside the EEA to members of our group and processors in the US or, on rarer occasions, other jurisdictions in which we are established. If you featured in a production, the data constituting your performance may be transferred out of the EEA for distribution and marketing purposes. 

Further information on these transfers and the measures taken to safeguard your data are set out in the Supplementary Information under Transfers of personal data outside the EEA – more information.

6. Your data rights

You have a right to make a subject access request to receive information about the data that we process about you. Further information on this and on other rights is in the Supplementary Information under Access to your personal data and other rights. We also explain how to make a complaint about our processing of your data.

7. Contact details

In processing your personal data, we act as a data controller. Our contact details are as follows:

8. Status of this notice

This notice does not form part of your contract and does not create contractual rights or obligations. It may be amended by us at any time.

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