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Leap of Faith, FORMULA E

Leap of Faith, FORMULA E

Formula E

FIA Formula E (the world’s first all-electric racing series) is a new sport, positioning itself as an entertainment brand rather than simply a sport. Following its first season, Formula E and its sponsors wanted to expand from limited television coverage aimed at motorsport fans to bring awareness of the sport to a mass market, and engage with a growing a millennial audience across social platforms. 

We devised The Leap of Faith, the world’s first blind backflip over a car, featuring YouTube influencer and Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters. The Leap of Faith referred to both the stunt, and the leap required around both electric vehicles and electric racing. Damien back-flipped a speeding Formula E car on the Mexican ePrix circuit. 

Formula E is one of very few motorsports to feature 360 cameras built into cars, so as a way of demonstrating the stunt took place for real, a 360 behind-the-scenes film was released to accompany the main film. 

Alongside the release on the Formula E YouTube channel (which generated 5m+ organic views and added 40,000 subscribers), the film was offered to online video platforms ranging from MailOnline to Red Bull who all featured it, alongside traditional news organisations such as the BBC and Fox News. Total organic reach from those who picked up the film exceeded 100 million. 

Leap of Faith was piece of social video which achieved something rare – beyond becoming a viral hit and generating fierce online debate, it broke into the wider public consciousness and was picked up by global news outlets well beyond sport, providing enormous reach and raising positive awareness of Formula E. 

A brand uplift survey conducted by YouTube showed a 61% uplift in awareness amongst 16-24s (core audience). 

The Leap of Faith won a number of awards, and was shortlisted for a Cannes Lion. 

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