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Human Loop the Loop

Human Loop the Loop

Pepsi Max

Little Dot Studios helped Pepsi Max become one of the most viewed FMCG brands on YouTube in 2014. Pepsi Max UK wanted to connect with their target demographic on a digital platform in an innovative new way. As online video specialists Little Dot Studios was approached by AMV BBDO to create a publishing strategy and develop an eye-catching original content series to re-launch Pepsi Max on YouTube. 

Our solution was to re-launch the channel and produce a series of films that harnessed the influence of native YouTube talent, collaborating with established personalities to produce viral films such as ‘The Human Loop the Loop’, ‘AR Bus Shelter’ and regular Hub episodes of the ‘Pepsi Max Unbelievable Challenges’. 


Little Dot’s creative productions out-performed all KPIs set by Pepsi Max and in ‘The Human Loop the Loop’ created one of the top ten most watched brand films on YouTube UK in 2014 and won numerous awards including two Cannes Lions. 

Over 20 million views in just 2 months; a total of nearly ½ million minutes worth of viewing. 

Over 90% of these views were earned. 

Fastest growing brand channel in the UK by video views in the month of launch. 

3rd biggest UK brand channel (up from 100th pre-campaign) on YouTube by subscribers. 

7.8% engagement score (over 5 times the category’s average rate of 1.5%) 

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