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Formula E

Formula E

FIA Championship

The FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully-electric racing series and provides a platform to promote the advancements in electric vehicle technology. Formula E represents a vision for the future of the motor industry and serves as a framework for research and development. The marriage of sport and technology is a key way to push boundaries and usher in new technologies for widespread adoption. 

Partly due to the lack of emissions (and lack of loud petrol engines), races take place in stunning city-centre street-circuit locations across the world, from Hong Kong to Paris, Buenos Aires to New York, Berlin to London, Beijing to Mexico City. 

Formula E has a short form video strategy to reflect its vision, with a major focus on millennial audiences who could discover the sport, respond to its sustainability agenda and stay with it for years to come. 

Daily social video content ranging from race highlights, unparalleled access to teams and drivers, use of new technology such as 360 on-boards, and strands covering technology, gaming, music, sustainability, news and motorsports more widely – as well as stunts featuring social influencers. 

Formula E aims to be the most open motorsport ever, encouraging fans to interact with drivers, teams and the sport itself like nothing seen before- and LDS leads this strategy for Formula E. 

Despite being a new sport with relatively little traditional media coverage, Formula E has grown dramatically across social platforms, demonstrating scale and reach to new, young, global audiences. 

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