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Cayman vs Drones

Cayman vs Drones


Little Dot Studios introduced a video game generation to the Porsche Cayman in an authentic high-speed pursuit between 80mph racing drones and a digital influencer.

With a heritage in high-end cinema commercials Porsche embraced YouTube focussed original content with a desire to reach the next generation of customer. Our approach was to utilise native digital talent in an authentic, real world experience that would tell a story over several minutes rather than 30 seconds.

YouTube gamer and sports car fan Ali A would drive organic reach as the navigator and passenger in the race between a Porsche Cayman and 8 high performance-racing drones. 

Pointing Ali’s 8 million subscribers towards the hero film via a behind the scenes vlog on his own channel the project culminated in a Hero film and 6, 10 and 15 second pre roll adverts that were embedded on Porsche enthusiast, drone and general automotive sites, ensuring the content reached an audience beyond YouTube. 

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