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Driven to Distraction

Driven to Distraction

Aviva and Channel 4

Channel 4, in partnership with Aviva and Zenith UK, briefed Little Dot Studios to develop an original short form series that would educate viewers on the dangers of bad driving habits in an accessible manner. 

Our response was to develop and produce Driven to Distraction, a six part series that featured celebrities surprising members of the public in a prank road trip format designed to inspire good thinking behind the wheel. In each episode a celebrity chauffeur would display several unsafe driving habits - such as using a phone at the wheel, attempting to multi-task, or exhibiting a bout of road rage - all designed to provoke a passenger reaction. Unbeknownst to the passenger, the vehicle was actually controlled by a stuntman in a specially constructed pod attached to the roof, whilst the celebrity received instructions from a hidden ear piece. 

"It’s a real challenge to get across such an important message in a light-hearted way, but the Shorts hit just the right note and we’re thrilled with how they have turned out. We know from our research just how easy it is to pick up bad habits while driving, but making our roads safer is good thinking for everyone. As well as entertaining viewers, we hope that the Shorts will prompt people to think about their behaviours on the road."

Lindsay Forster, UK & Ireland Customer Marketing Director for Aviva

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